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My 29th {GOLDEN} Birthday - Big B-day Sale 5.29.11 // Party Planning (Vol. 2)

"Birthdays are nature’s way of
telling us to eat more cake!"
It's going be my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY on May 29! It will officially be the last year of my 20s and it's going to be a good one ... I can just feel it! So many people complain about turning another year older, which, to me, just seems like a waste of energy. One of my life promises is to embrace and love my birthday every year. (Yes, the baby photo is me -- summer of 1983).

Birthday Card by withlovebyvarda
I know what you're thinking. You're saying to yourself, "Well, of course she says that now, while she's still young!" But, who decides what is YOUNG vs. OLD anymore? Things are so different now compared with 20 years ago. When I was growing up as a young girl (in the early '90s), I would see women who were approaching 30 and saw two different stereotypes. One type of woman would most likely be married, have had popped out a kid or two, maybe have a part-time career and live an amazing full life of soccer games, family vacations and wine nights if they were really feeling crazy (the italics are for my sarcasm).

The other type of the woman was, dare I say it,
STILL SINGLE and approaching 30. She most likely lived by herself, had a standard or very successful job and came home to her cats, Schmookie and Eliza to watch an episode of ER to swoon over George Clooney.

As a young girl I was conditioned to think these were my only two options of what could happen to me by the time I hit 30. THANKFULLY, neither really came true. In my early twenties, I was dead set on finding the man of my dreams so I could settle down right away and have that picture-perfect family most women dream about. Each year has passed and that "dream man" (JT and I will hopefully meet some day) hasn't shown up quite yet and I have grown to be very content with that. My maternal clock that was ticking so loudly eight or nine years ago, has also died down to a faint murmur for now. I couldn't be happier that the path that I was given has allowed me to enjoy these years while I have them.

On my 29th Birthday I will be able to say:

"I quit my day job and have supported myself with my
own Etsy Art business (Fizzy Glassware) two years ago."

"I have been interviewed on FOX News."

"I have lived by myself for the last four years in
a tiny studio apartment and now I am 
upgrading to a townhome."

"I have auditioned for an NFL and NBA dance team."

"I have conquered my years of chronic pain and
now live a strong, vibrant life again."

"My friendships continue to bless me with the
feeling of love and support of a true family."

"I entered and won my first
Figure/Fitness Competition!"

It will be my golden birthday on the 29th,
woo hoo!! I want YOU to be able to celebrate with me
so I am throwing a {BIRTHDAY SALE} of $29 off
(listings of 6 glasses or more) for only 10 days!
(sale starts 5/19/11 and ends at 12:00 a.m. 5/30/11)

If I were to throw a party this year it would be a
Mexican fiesta theme. I will be going out with some
girlfriends to a tequila bar this weekend for some
"life-changing" guacamole and serious cocktails.
 I put together this Etsy Finds list for another fun
Party Planning Selection. Enjoy!

 :::: A FIESTA Birthday Bash ::::
Etsy Finds by the FizzyArtist

Good humor drink tags are a
great conversation piece!
A funky, custom invitation
sets the mood for the event!
Who doesn't like colorful hanging
lanterns for festive decor?
Colorful Pinwheels?
Yes, please and thank you!
Keep track of your guest's
drinks with these
awesome flag toppers!
Paper Straws and Flag Toppers by HeyYoYo
Look at this super
cute cake topper!
Yarn Pom Cake Garland by shortcakepartypicks
Thank you for celebrating my
29th birthday with me!

Friday, May 13, 2011

My {TRANSFORMATION} Story - How To Get LEAN Before Your Big Day // Loving Life (Vol. 1)

Even Marilyn Monroe had the right idea!
It's obvious that exercise and weight
training have been around for awhile.

So why is it such a new
concept for some people?

My Transformation Story: 
Age 22 (2004) - 140+ lbs
Growing up I was a fairly active kid, dancing throughout my teenage years and into college. Specifically "working out" was something very foreign to me by the time I hit my early 20s. My body had a different metabolism and the weight started to climb right on. By the age of 23, I weighed in close to 145 lbs at only 5'1".

Age 25 (2007) - 122 lbs
I asked my friend who knew his way around the gym for some help. I started to lift weights regularly with him and found a fun cardio "dance class" to keep my body moving. I also started to eat a better diet with more protein and less junk. Within a year or two, I was able to slowly shed roughly 20 lbs. off of my very short frame. I had never felt better and I started to look much younger as I got older into my twenties. I used the photo on the right as a head shot for an NBA Timberwolves Dance Team Audition and it also marked my newfound healthy body.

Fast forward a couple of years. I was currently working full-time when I had an onset of chronic, widespread pain and fatigue. I was so crippled by this disorder that I had to quit my job and couldn't really move myself at all. Over the next 2 years, I struggled with fibromyalgia and was forced to get my Fizzy Glassware business up and running because I couldn't hold a job.

While I was busy painting away, I wasn't working out because of my constant pain, and the weight quickly returned. By last summer, I was back at 135 pounds and it took a photo of me with my friends at my birthday lunch (below) to realize that my body fat had gotten out of control once again.

Age 28 (May 2010) - 135 lbs and 24% Body Fat
I knew I had to change some things quick! I really focused on eating better with more fruits and vegetables. This started to give me more energy and my pain began to let up a little. I was slowly able to be more active as well. By last fall, I had a new major onset of pain and made a discovery. GLUTEN had been attacking my body. I have been gluten-free since Thanksgiving and my pain... ALL of my chronic pain/fatigue has vanished from my body. Yes, the diet can be hard, but I feel like I got my life back! After seeing the changes in my physical health, once I took gluten out of my diet, I decided to take on a new life challenge. Enter my first FIGURE/FITNESS COMPETITION! So about 12 weeks ago I began a specific diet of protein while I rotated my carb intake along with working out five to six days a week.
NEW AFTER PHOTO - Fitness Training
Age 29 (2011) 110 lbs and 10% Body Fat
Meet My Personal Trainer:
The biggest support I've had through this journey has been my consistent weight training sessions with my personal trainer. Al Norby has kept me motivated, encouraged and challenged throughout this whole adventure. He also kept things interesting with quick and intense sessions that were only 30 minutes long! If you are looking to achieve some personal goals for yourself, I STRONGLY recommend investing in a personal trainer who will show up when you don't feel like doing the work. Al trains at a Snap Fitness Club in Minnetonka, Minn. It is one of the largest Snap Fitness clubs in the Twin Cities and has access to excellent cardio and free weights, cables and other fitness equipment.

"Specializing in motivation, accountability and expert strategies, my passion is simply seeing clients ENJOY success." - Al Norby

If you are a BRIDE and GROOM looking to shed some of those extra pounds before your big day, check out Al's blog post, "His and Her Fitness Tips For Wedding Day Ready". He gives basic steps in very simple terms to give you the focus you need to make those changes happen. His latest post is about "Why People Avoid The Gym", the pictures are worth the read!
If you are located in the Twin Cities area and would like to see what type of program Al would suggest for you, simply request a FREE CONSULT. The results are totally worth the investment ... they were for me!

For more about Al Norby (Personal Trainer) visit alnorbytrainer.blogspot.com

Look Good While You Sweat!
Etsy Finds by the FizzyArtist
Sheer Bliss Yoga Tunic by LycheeGrove
My Pretty Pretty Peacock Cropped Pants
by nicandthenewfie
Felt Applicae Pillow 14 x 18 by alexandraferguson


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