Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Do Your {BRIDESMAIDS} like to Wine? // Wedding Day Prep (Vol. 2)

Working for a bride is very rewarding because all they care about is making everyone feel special. I've found that one of their favorite things to do is to research and find the best thank you gifts to give to their bridesmaids. I know, because I have the brides sending me e-mails saying how excited they have found my fizzy glassware to be and can't wait to give their custom, one-of-a-kind gifts to their maids!

As the bride, you select your bridesmaids for sentimental and other specific reasons. Usually these women have been your closest confidants throughout your entire life. They might be sisters, best friends, college roommates or childhood friends. Having your bridesmaids stand up with you at your wedding is like having a special support team for one of the best days of your life. Below is a picture of my sister, myself and the bridesmaids at her New York City wedding in 2006. I was blessed to be her Maid of Honor.

Heather (the bride), two sisters,
a sister-in-law, and three best friends.
With that said, your bridesmaids are a special part of the wedding
experience. They're the ones that freaked out the most (in a good way) when you announced your engagement and made sure that you had the appropriate celebration.

They're the ones that with when you tried on wedding gowns and  helped you decide which one was THE ONE. The bridesmaids set up and attend several bridal showers, group gifts, and most of all, the bachelorette party. What would you do without these fabulous women?

Heather and I with two of her best friends at the
(yes, you guessed it) Bachelorette Party in NYC!

One of my buyers, Nicole, had a wedding last fall. She purchased FizzyArtist wine glasses and water goblets for all of her bridesmaids. They were able to use their custom glasses for the bridal shower and again for the wedding day. The color wine was one of the most popular colors for weddings in October and November this year. I painted the bases of each glass using this color to coordinate with the wedding colors and bridesmaid's dresses.

The Bride "Nicole" gifted her "Ladies" with their custom
wine galsses at the bridal shower a month before the wedding!

Nicole came back to my Etsy Shop during the holiday season to buy a christmas gift for a friend. In her e-mail with custom details she included these fun photos of her and the "girls" at the shower and wedding. She also wrote...

"I wanted to pass along a few pictures that I have of me and my bridesmaids with our glasses. Everyone was so amazed by how great the glasses are! They were shocked and excited to receive them at my shower in September.  I received soooo many compliments on how cute they were." 

"...we have the glasses to keep forever as a memory! Thanks a million for all the hard work you put into
the 13 glasses that I ordered for my wedding.
 I really enjoyed giving them as gifts, and having everyone oooo and awww over them! Thanks so much!" 
--Nicole Emery

 I love it when my Fizzy Brides send me a note with photos. It just makes my day!

Here are some wine-colored items from Etsy that you could also use for your bridesmaids on your big day!

Plum and Fern Peacock Feather Fascinator Headband
by midnightboudoir

Fairy Tale- Ruffle Wristlet Clutch
by murwati
Bordeaux Garnet Earrings
by EmmaBond


The FizzyArtist


Britt said...

Great post, B! I always read them :) I'm glad you get so much positive feedback from your brides.

Nancy said...

Beautiful wine colors and a great blog. I'm happy there are bloggers such as yourself!! Have fun in life!!!

(Thank you for adding Jilliann's satin and tulle bouquet in your blog.) xoxo Jilliann

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful article! Thank you for featuring my Wine Ruffle Clutch! Cheers! -Murwati

Emma Bond said...

Great article and lovely blog. Thanks so much for including my earrings. Love your glasses, such a cute bridal party favor.

Midnight Boudoir said...

Thank you so so so so much! I absolutely adore your site, your work, and this fantastic article =) =) =)

Sincerely, Glenda


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