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Are You Related To A Modern-Day {MARTHA STEWART}? Well, I AM! // Gift Guide (Vol. 2)

Do you know someone who
can bake a delicious cake, have a 
tidy and well-decorated home,
re-upholster his or her own furniture,
and paint antiques to look
like shabby-chic perfection?

I believe that most of us know a superwoman like this! A woman with the magic for creative thinking and artistic talents puts her in the "Martha Stewart" category, which is something to be proud of. Some women are gifted in decor or cooking or organizing, but a few out there were blessed with a couple of these gifts.

My sister, Heather, and I have been artistic and creative since we were very young. The artistic gene was definitely passed down from generation to generation. In our family history we have artists, seamstresses, furniture makers, carpenters, remodelers, and more. We watched our parents remodel and refurbish all of the time. One of my favorite projects they did was take a vintage dresser and make it into a sink vanity for our guest bathroom. They would envision things and then just go for it! Without a doubt, this gift stuck with Heather and I. I have had my painting career for almost 10 years now and Heather has now taken her love and gift for chic design to another level.

My siblings and I in 2002. Notice how my head tilts the same
 towards Heather just like the baby shot of us above.

Heather is now the proud mommy of beautiful Olivia Grace and married to her multi-talented husband, David Reed. Heather has lived in New York City for the last 10 years and recently moved with her adorable family to Nashville, Tennessee. While living in New York, my sister learned how to master the art of finding salvaged pieces for next to nothing and revamp them into lovely, shabby-chic, one-of-a-kind treasures. Stepping into the Reed home is like stepping into a Martha Stewart Magazine of a trendy, young, modern home decor article.

I went to visit my sister and her family in Nashville this January for a late Christmas. While Heather showed me around their home I kept saying to her, "You could totally market and sell these pieces on Etsy!" During my visit we made a strategic trip to a thrift store and just had a BALL looking for "chachkies" as she calls them for her to re-paint and sell. I had so much fun with my niece, Olivia, in the stroller that day! Right before I left for my flight back to Minnesota, I helped the Reed's open their Etsy storefront and took pictures for the first listing. Since then Heather has been busy painting and creating new items while David helps promote, package and ship. They have had more than 50 sales with exceptional feedback! I think things look like they are off to a great start and now two of the Nelson kids have Etsy businesses!

"I love my new job here of staying home
 with my beautiful baby girl while making
wonderful pieces for other peoples' homes!
Such a dream!" -Heather Reed (ReedLove)

The Reeds (David, Olivia, and Heather)
Their beautiful living space in Nashille, Tenn.
My niece, Miss Olivia Grace.
Olivia's magical bedroom with all of her mommy's original creations!

P.S. I bought her that cute rainbow
tutu for her first birthday from Etsy!
Check out the Reed's blog
and read about what they are doing.

Here's a description of their shop:
We relove items with our very own creativity and
personal care to make beautiful adornments for
your home! We search far and wide for the best
little treasures - then take them home -
clean, scrub, fix, and paint them to give
them our very own signature vintage chic.

A "re-loved" gift guide from yours truly!

The Hot Trend right now is a
"trendy chalk/message board."
A great gift for ANY occasion!
Vintage Silver Frame Black Board "ChalkToMeSweetly"
Click here for more "ChalkToMeSweetly" items

Mother's Day is less than 2 months
away and you will find ENDLESS ideas
like this adorable-chic vase!
White Porcelain Bud Vase "Little Lacquered Friends"

An original art piece by Heather Reed
is a great anniversary for your
parents or grand-parents!
Spring Flowers "Original Artwork by Heather Reed"
The Baby ReedLove section has
adorbale little goodies for your
next BABY SHOWER gift!
White Vintage Piggy Bank "Baby ReedLove"

This is a one-of a-kind item that would
make a wonderful graduation gift or a
cute spring decoration for your home!
Blue Floral Dry Erase Board "MemoMeSweetly"

This tiny Dry Erase Board has a new home - on MY fridge!
My latest purchase is this cute "coral branch" ring holder!

Here is a Special Coupon Code for all of
my "Fizzy Fans" to use in the ReedLove Shop!

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