Saturday, October 16, 2010

HAPPY HO HO HO!!! Holiday Designs

I have started getting my ETSY shop ready for Christmas shoppers. Here are my top sellers from last year's holiday season!

"What a perfect way to give a custom gift and have an excuse to celebrate the holidays in style! These happy holiday beer glasses have a great holiday design with stockings and a string of lights that would be a delight for men and women. Each character is made to the likeness of you and your friends and family with coordinating holiday sweaters. Your loved ones will get a kick out of this one-of-a-kind gift!"

This design was selected by Etsy last year to promote in its custom section for holiday gifts!

"ARE YOU LOOKING FOR THAT KNOCK-YOUR-SOCKS-OFF CUSTOM GLASS? Then this design is for you! You could have your very own glass that shows off who you are and your personal flair. Give this to a friend and they will love you forever! Glasses are designed to match each person's hair color, skin color, and their name. You can include up to two personal touches, such as favorite colors, hobby, occupation, inside joke, nickname."

"Give the perfect customized mug/glass to a special someone still in their college years. The glass can be adorned with the University logo* and/or their Greek logo* for the fraternity or sorority they are pledged too!" Look inside the glass and you will find a special message... "refill A.S.A.P."

What types of glassware can we order?
All my designs can be on a either or a combination of white wine, red wine, martini, beer pilsner (stien), beer mug (handle), low-ball, coffee mug or water glass. Feel free to mix and match!

Do you know someone that can't wait for Monday Night Football? Or maybe your buddy is such a huge sports fan that they have season tickets for their favorite team. With creative freedom I can design a mug/glass with a team's colors and logo*. It can also include his or her custom character as well or just simply be designed around the team of choice.

*Sports logos must be an artist's interpretation for copyright reasons

Hurry and place your holiday orders today! Orders will be booked and shipped in the order that they are placed and the cut-off date will be Dec. 15, 2010.

Visit my Etsy shop to browse and make your purchase.

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