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{What is the FIZZ?} Bridal Party Design and Recent Reviews // Living The Dream (Vol. 4)

"We all loved our glasses!!
Thank you so much for all your hard
work getting these to me on time...
they turned out so perfect and so fun.
We had questions about them all night,
it's a good thing you sent those
business cards =) Thank you again!!"

Leah Tschabold Brunette
{Fizzy Bride}
When I meet someone for the first time they will usually always end up asking the question,
"So, what do you do?" (meaning: where do you work or who do you work for?).

With a smile and a quick deep breath I answer, "Well, I own a small business and paint custom glassware for people all over the world." The smile is because I absolutely LOVE what I do and the quick deep breath is because my answer seems to shock and puzzle people every time! It's pretty funny to see people's face contort a bit, their head will cock to the side and they'll say "Really?!" The conversation will then lead directly into at least 10 questions regarding what I do and how I've been able to support myself. Sometimes I'll feel like I'm being interviewed, which is fun, and other times I feel like I'm having to convince someone that I'm not making it up. Being an entrepenuer and business owner is Living The Dream and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Each day I feel blessed and also so overwhelmed by it all. The work load never seems to get any easier, but I know it will all be worth it in the end someday!

 "We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing."
- Louisa May Alcott  

Are you wondering "WHAT IS THE FIZZ?" or ...
Let me unpackage it for you a little bit.

When you think of the word {FIZZ} you think about a carbonated beverage like POP. You hear the hissing sound, see the bubbles shoot to the top and feel the tingly {FIZZ} hit your lips! My passion is to make my art something that POPS and have people feel refreshed when they enjoy it! My FIZZYARTIST GLASSWARE DESIGNS are truly unique and stand out from any of the other hand-painted glassware you have seen before! The {FIZZ} is my signature art style which can be described as "whimsical, funky and colorful".

TOP 5 reasons my "Fizzy Style" is different from my competitors:
1. Not only are they cool to look at on the outside, but the inside looks good as well.
2. My signature design has a clear LABEL TAG, so you can appreciate the beautiful color of the beverage that you choose to sip on.
3. You can have your very own cartoon portrait done without having to visit the caricature booth at the next County Fair.
4. Your glass is designed around the colors you like or the colors of the wedding day. This alone will make you smile!
5. For a great conversation starter and simply for fun you will find inside your glass a suprise message ... "refill A.S.A.P."
"The glasses looked absolutely amazing.
I was so extremely happy with them
and our guys and dads LOVED them!"
-Shannon Hughes{Fizzy Bride}
"Loved the glasses for my wedding.
Everyone was shocked!!!"
-Kourtney Sullivan {Fizzy Bride}


"You are already working so hard on hundreds of custom details and planning for your Big Wedding Day. No need to keep looking for the most unique, custom and practical gift to give your BRIDAL PARTY to thank them for their love and support. The FizzyArtist's *Bridal Party Design* is promised to add the perfect touch to your wedding experience."

Each order is designed and customized by your provided details such as: The wedding colors, flowers, date, attire, theme, destination ... the possibilities are ENDLESS! Well, almost :)

Each glass will have a hand-painted cartoon portrait of the person the glass is made for. These glasses are made to look like the bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsmen, the best man, flower girl, mothers and fathers, and most of all, the BRIDE and GROOM!

Special Feature: Look inside the glass and you will find a surprise message... "refill A.S.A.P."
{ F.A.Q. }
CAN I SEND YOU PHOTOS OR JUST DESCRIPTIONS? Yes, you can do both or either!

WHAT TYPES OF GLASSWARE CAN WE ORDER? This design can be created on a wine glass (perfect for red or white), beer pilsner (stien), pint glass (perfect for beer or water), low-ball (short), martini, coffee mug or water goblet (perfect for water or mixed cocktail). Feel free to mix and match!

Bridal Party (10 glasses)
by the FizzyArtist
Orders are booked/reserved by your requested *NEED DATE* that you select on your order form. So many orders come in all at once that my schedule continues to fill up faster than I can paint the glasses! The Booking Schedule can be found in my SHOP'S ANNOUNCEMENT section and the estimated time frame is normally 6 to 8 weeks for the earliest arrival. Don't wait too late, my books fill up super fast!

Please make sure to see my shop's POLICIES before placing your order. You will find details on How Things Are Made, Booking Schedule, Shipping and more. Thank you!!
Your ordering process will only be complete once you submit your Custom Details and Need Date* with the "WEDDING ORDER FORM" at --

*Your selected {NEED DATE} is also when you can EXPECT your glasses to arrive in the mail. Your order is reserved for the week prior to be started and finished before shipment. When the order is shipped you will receive an e-mail from with tracking information (2-3 day Priority Mail).

“I absolutely LOVE our wine glasses and pilsner glasses that you made for my wedding party. My bridal party loves them and loved using them at the reception. This was hands down the best gift I have ever seen a bride and groom give (pat on my back). The attention to detail on them is amazing and I appreciate you getting my large party done in a short time. Thank you so much! They were all the rage at the reception!

A very pleased and thankful couple, Adam and Monica Barker"

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