My passion is to create the most one-of-a-kind HAND PAINTED GLASSWARE that you can customize for any event or special gift. You might ask, "What is the FIZZ?" Well, to simply put it...the FIZZ is my art. Glassware is not only for beverages anymore, it's an EXPRESSION of who you are!

I have been an artist since I was in grade school. My 5th grade teacher noticed my talent and said that she was going to read about me in the paper someday. That was all I needed to decide then and there that I would be an well-known artist in some way or another. In high school I designed prom invitations, homecoming t-shirts and musical programs.

After college I began painting themed murals in kids' rooms and nurseries. That's when the SODAPOPSHOP was started. I needed a good theme for my business since themes seemed to be my specialty. After 7 years of many murals and doing art shows I knew that I needed a new niche to keep me a float. I had done glassware years ago, but struggled to find my style. In the spring of 2009, I gave it another go and HERE WE ARE!! I created a look that I'm so proud of and people seem to really enjoy what I'm doing. It's a dream come true!

Check out this blog feature, or this one, to read more about my story!

Bethany "FizzyArtist" - Artist and Owner


Stephani is the mistress of communication. Should you receive an email from the Fizzy lair, there is a precisely 97.843 percent chance that you received it from this second fizzy lady. As the Fizzy Manager, Stephani has her mitts on every aspect of the business, and reigns in Bethany’s mad genius when the FizzyArtist’s free-spirited side needs to be controlled. Although, usually she lets it fly because that’s just how we roll at FizzyArtist.

For the first time in his life, Eric is the one bringing testosterone to the table. As a self-appointed expert on social media and, well, most other things, Eric brings a little bit of everything to the Fizzy team. In addition to supplying you with tweets and Facebook updates, Eric also helps manage finances and keeps the money on lockdown, making this the first time a (non-robot) word-man and number-man are one and the same.


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