Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Do Your {BRIDESMAIDS} like to Wine? // Wedding Day Prep (Vol. 2)

Working for a bride is very rewarding because all they care about is making everyone feel special. I've found that one of their favorite things to do is to research and find the best thank you gifts to give to their bridesmaids. I know, because I have the brides sending me e-mails saying how excited they have found my fizzy glassware to be and can't wait to give their custom, one-of-a-kind gifts to their maids!

As the bride, you select your bridesmaids for sentimental and other specific reasons. Usually these women have been your closest confidants throughout your entire life. They might be sisters, best friends, college roommates or childhood friends. Having your bridesmaids stand up with you at your wedding is like having a special support team for one of the best days of your life. Below is a picture of my sister, myself and the bridesmaids at her New York City wedding in 2006. I was blessed to be her Maid of Honor.

Heather (the bride), two sisters,
a sister-in-law, and three best friends.
With that said, your bridesmaids are a special part of the wedding
experience. They're the ones that freaked out the most (in a good way) when you announced your engagement and made sure that you had the appropriate celebration.

They're the ones that with when you tried on wedding gowns and  helped you decide which one was THE ONE. The bridesmaids set up and attend several bridal showers, group gifts, and most of all, the bachelorette party. What would you do without these fabulous women?

Heather and I with two of her best friends at the
(yes, you guessed it) Bachelorette Party in NYC!

One of my buyers, Nicole, had a wedding last fall. She purchased FizzyArtist wine glasses and water goblets for all of her bridesmaids. They were able to use their custom glasses for the bridal shower and again for the wedding day. The color wine was one of the most popular colors for weddings in October and November this year. I painted the bases of each glass using this color to coordinate with the wedding colors and bridesmaid's dresses.

The Bride "Nicole" gifted her "Ladies" with their custom
wine galsses at the bridal shower a month before the wedding!

Nicole came back to my Etsy Shop during the holiday season to buy a christmas gift for a friend. In her e-mail with custom details she included these fun photos of her and the "girls" at the shower and wedding. She also wrote...

"I wanted to pass along a few pictures that I have of me and my bridesmaids with our glasses. Everyone was so amazed by how great the glasses are! They were shocked and excited to receive them at my shower in September.  I received soooo many compliments on how cute they were." 

"...we have the glasses to keep forever as a memory! Thanks a million for all the hard work you put into
the 13 glasses that I ordered for my wedding.
 I really enjoyed giving them as gifts, and having everyone oooo and awww over them! Thanks so much!" 
--Nicole Emery

 I love it when my Fizzy Brides send me a note with photos. It just makes my day!

Here are some wine-colored items from Etsy that you could also use for your bridesmaids on your big day!

Plum and Fern Peacock Feather Fascinator Headband
by midnightboudoir

Fairy Tale- Ruffle Wristlet Clutch
by murwati
Bordeaux Garnet Earrings
by EmmaBond


The FizzyArtist

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Make your next {celebration} a MUSTACHE SMASH! + Coupon Code

MUSTACHES and LIPS have been popping up everywhere all year! Who knew that facial hair could be so popular? I wonder who kicked off this fascinating trend and how it got to be so huge on Etsy. I've seen this trend on t-shirts, key-chains, jewelry, pillows, mugs and more. People seem to love these items for gifts, parties and wedding receptions.

Photobooth Party on a Stick
by LittleRetreats
Lots of couples love the idea of adding in some humor and fun to their beautiful wedding photos. Having a set of mustache and lip props handy at the reception allows for dress-up time for grown-ups! Some couples like to have them out by a photo booth for their guests to play with. A funny mustache has a way of making a formal photo look magical.

For my holiday season this year, I decided to make a simple glassware design that I could whip up in a shorter amount of time and have at a lower price point than my custom designs.

I decided the mustache trend would be a great place to start. I made a Mr. Mustache design for the men and a Mrs. Lips design for the ladies. Within a week or two of having the designs in my shop I had buyers select the listing and customize their glassware types. Some wanted all mustaches on beer mugs and some couples chose to have a mustache and lips set on red wine glasses. I can't wait to see if this design is popular throughout the next year. Here's a look into my studio while I worked on my holiday orders.

I start each glass with a bold black outline so it
will also look good from the back!
Busy painting Holiday Orders in my studio apartment.
Next, I paint on the color to fill in the lips or the mustache.
For the last step, I paint the black outline again on the top,
to polish off the look. I bake each glass for durability
and then ship them to you! Get ready to PARTY!
 Check out these other great mustache and lips prop kits for your next celebration!

The Double Date - Party Props
by whiskerworks
Men's Mustache and Women's Lips Handkerchief Set
I have also featured more items in my latest treasury!

 For a limited time I am offering a 10% discount on my entire shop for those who read this blog :)

Use this coupon code at your etsy checkout:
(coupon discontinued)

Happy New Year,
The FizzyArtist

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rock it like RIHANNA - Fizzy Fashion Vol.1

Over the years, I have found that in my free time, my favorite thing to do is to shop! This mostly consists of clothing, jewelry, shoes and makeup: the female essentials. You might be wondering, "Why does the FizzyArtist want to blog about her shopping ventures?" 

Now that I am a full-time painter, I would consider ART to be my career and life-passion instead of a hobby. This year I decided that my hobby is definitely FASHION and STYLING! Part of this decision was to justify my spending habits... and the other part was to just put a name to my love for shopping. Why not blog about my other fun passion!? 

If I had to describe my style in a few words I would use: classic, retro, edgy and sweet.

I love mixing hard and soft looks together because I consider myself to be a strong and feminine woman. I enjoy putting together entire outfits from the shoes to the accessories. I also love finding that signature, classic piece that will work with multiple looks and dressed up or down. I find inspiration from Rihanna, Eva Mendes, Lauren Conrad, and I hate to admit it ... the Kardashians! I am not a slave to labels at all. I am obsessed with getting the best deal for the value! My favorite go-to stores are H&M, Forever 21, TJMaxx and vintage finds on Etsy.

Below is a going-out look that I am considering wearing for New Year's Eve this year!

(click on image for larger view)

Grey Leather Jacket - $49.95 H&M
Purple/Gold Tunic - $35 Etsy Find
Black Leather Leggings - $20 (unknown)
Gold Necklace - $24 Etsy Find
Gold Chain Bracelet - $8 Etsy Find
Black Pumps - $55 Etsy Find

Here are examples of my Etsy finds and other pieces for your Rock it like Rihanna look!

(This shop has a MAJOR rocker edge!)

For more rock-inspired looks, visit my latest
Etsy Treasury: Oh, Na, Na, What's My Name? - Rock it like RIHANNA (It has been viewed more than 700 times!)

Happy New Year!
The FizzyArtist

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fizzy Cocktails, Hot Pink, and a LAS VEGAS Wedding! - Sale Ends 12/15/10

I love the days when I receive a thank you e-mail from one of my brides. It means so much to me when they take the time to let me know how happy they were with their custom glassware and how much the bridal party loved them! The best kind of thank you is when I receive photos of their special day with the glassware in action taken from their wedding photographer.

Last month one of my favorite buyers, Melissa, sent me an e-mail with beautiful photos and a link to her photographer's blog Las Vegas Wedding Photography - John and Melissa.

Melissa wrote, "I wanted to thank you again for our awesome wedding glasses! They were a HUGE hit with everyone! 

"I will continue passing the word about your amazing glasses to everyone I can!  Our entire wedding party truly loved them and we all used them all night at the reception!"  

I have never seen pictures of the bridal party seeing their glasses for the first time. It is such a cool way to connect with the bride and groom's friends and family because of the time I spent looking at their photo and creating their cartoon portrait. The photographer truly captured the Fizzy experience at this wedding celebration. The pictures show them enjoying their cocktails while smiling and laughing together. THIS is what my work is ALL ABOUT!

In the photographer's words, "John and Melissa were wed at the Valley of the Falls outdoor chapel at Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas strip and the view was simply STUNNING."

Who doesn't love a fabulous wedding in Vegas? The wedding colors were black and hot pink with swirl/paisley accents. The ladies wore black dresses with hot pink sashes and the men wore stylish black and hot pink paisley ties. The couple also chose to mix water goblets for the women and beer pilsners or lowball glasses for the men.

I was so jealous when I packed up this order because the shipment was going straight to Las Vegas. I wanted to pack myself in the box so I could visit the Vegas strip again and lay out by the pool with a drink! I made sure to deliver the package directly to the hotel where the bride and groom were staying so they wouldn't have to worry about the fragile pieces during their travels.

Thanks again John, Melissa and D. Tyler for helping me share this Fizzy wedding experience!

Please enjoy these unbelievable photos by
D.Tyler Photography from John + Melissa's Wedding!

Photos provided by D. Tyler Photography

Visit this blog for more beautiful wedding photos!

Check out these black + hot pink / Vegas-themed wedding items from Etsy!

Hot Pink Jewel Earrings
by mycellardoor

by ChrissyWatson

Damask white with black and pink
by vinatgejetpatterns

Orders for 10 or more glasses will have an additional $25 discount! (Sale ends Dec. 15, 2010) Hurry, the booking schedule for SPRING WEDDINGS fills up fast!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!
~The FizzyArtist


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