Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Something Blue {bridal shower} // Wedding Day Prep (Vol. 3)

Get ready for the showers... and I don't mean April rain! If you're a woman and you have girlfriends, (which most of us do) you will most likely be attending at least one bridal shower this year. What does this mean? Well, you might be a close friend or relative in the wedding and decide to host the shower. Or you are a friend that is invited to attend. You could be the Mother of the Bride who wants to help in any way possible. And lastly, you might be the guest of honor, the lovely bride-to-be!

One of my lovely Fizzy Brides sent an email to me after her bridal shower. She had surprised all of the ladies with my custom glasses with cartoon portraits of each as well as the wedding colors. Blue was the  color of the bridesmaid's dresses and I always like to match the bottom of the glasses to the dress color. I always wish I could be a little fly on the wall each time my glasses are opened as gifts. It would be so fun to everyone's faces and hear the squeals of excitement when they see their likeness on a fun and practical gift. Ronessa, the bride, was lovely enough to send these fabulous pictures that truly captured the moment I've always wanted to see!

"Hi Bethany, I have attached some pictures below. I'm sure you can tell by their faces that the girls thought the glasses were great! Thank you, Ronessa"

Thank you Ronessa for these wonderful
 photos from your bridal shower!
Here are sample photos of another custom order
with BLUE as one of the wedding colors.

Bridal shower ideas and gifts found on ETSY!
Custom Silhouette Print From Your Photo
by nelladesigns
Set of 5 Party Poms
by melodywei

P.I.Y. Hydrangea Invite
by greysgreetings

Something Blue Custom Bride's Hanger
by DawnsCraftStore
I hope you enjoyed this post and have some new inspirations for a bridal shower that you will be part of this year! - The FizzyArtist

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Drew Watts said...

Good to see this bridal shower. Everyone seems to have great time there. Loved those crafted glasses and they look very cool. Would love to have something really awesome for my sister’s bridal shower at one of wedding venues. It will be a great surprise for her.


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