Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wedding Day Prep: Hair, Makeup, Robes and don’t forget the CHAMPAGNE!

Being a bridesmaid comes with lots of fun pre-wedding activities: the showers, the bachelorette party, the wedding rehearsal. But, one of the most fun and memorable parts of being a bridesmaid is right before the wedding when all the bridesmaids get together with the bride for some wedding beautification!

This wedding-prep time is a scene usually consisting of clouds of hairspray, curling irons and nail polish, as well as laughter, fun, tears, and pre-wedding excitement!

A recent Fizzy Bride got ready for her big day with her bridesmaids while adding a little champagne and the FizzyArtist's champagne glasses for each girl!

"The girls had a great time!" The bride said that each one “loved their glasses!!” According to the bride, the glasses were a “nice surprise and such a unique gift!” The matching robes and custom glasses made for some great photo opps!

The bride also said that her bridesmaids, “sipped champagne while having makeup applied and hair styled. They then carried them all evening during the reception. What a special keepsake!”

These personalized glasses are made to look like each individual with a customized cartoon portrait. They are also customized with the wedding colors, dresses, flowers and wedding date!
Check out these fun wedding day prep goodies we found on Etsy!

Make the getting ready process even more fun for your bridal party with these girly goodies and you will create more wonderful memories for your special day!

~ FizzyArtist

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