Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TOP 5 Reasons your BRIDESMAID will say “O.M.G!"

Are you a bride looking for that perfect bridesmaid's gift? Want to give them something special to say thank you? When your bridesmaid receives a custom glass from the FizzyArtist there will be so many reasons for them to scream, “O.M.G!”

1. FizzyArtist Custom Glassware is totally original and unique. No one the in the world will have a hand-painted glass like the one you give your bridesmaid.

2. Your bridesmaid is the main feature of her own glass! Just imagine her opening your gift to find a painted cartoon portrait of herself on the glass for your special day! Each portrait is designed to have the same skin color and hair style to create the adorable cartoon look-a-like of those in your bridal party.

3. It makes for great pictures! Pose with your glasses and make your wedding day photos even more special and unique from the rest of the pack. Cheese!

4. No need to search around at the reception for their glass! This customized glassware not only features their cartoon portrait, but their name and the wedding colors as well. Shake it all night long on the dance floor while sipping from your custom glassware!

5. Not a wine or champagne drinker? Pass the soda! – They don’t need to use their glass for wine … put a little fun and class into your other favorite beverages with the FizzyArtist Custom Glassware!

~ FizzyArtist

Buy your bridesmaid glasses today!

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