Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's Your {HOT HOBBY} - Scrapbooking, Photography...what about FITNESS? // Loving Life (Vol. 2)

"Anyone Can Give Up!"
Most people have something that they like to do for fun that doesn't have anything to do with their regular "life routine." Maybe you have a passion for MUSIC, DANCE, HUNTING, ART, SHOPPING, BLOGGING, FASHION, SPORTS, COOKING, READING, KNITTING... the list could go on and on!

Some of you might have read a recent Fizzy Blog post called "My {TRANSFORMATION}Story." I wrote about my life challenges with chronic pain, weight loss and gluten intolerance. Earlier this year I decided to enter my very first Figure and Fitness Competition as something fun to do while I also worked hard on my Fizzy Glassware orders. Art and painting have always been my number one passion, but choreography and dance have been another huge love of mine. Now that I paint full-time for my career it has been so much fun to channel my creativity somewhere else to keep life vibrant and energizing.

I entered the Mr. and Ms. Natural Minnesota Competition on May 20. I competed in Figure Beginner Short and also Xtreme Fit. This was my very first competition and I truly had no idea what to expect! I went into the training, dieting and competition day with an optimistic attitude and I know that is why it turned out to be the best thing I've ever done.

My Xtreme Fit Routine was to Britney Spears' song, "Toy Soldier." So I went for an army-themed look and gave my choreography a military twist. I decided to order a custom dog tag necklace from an Etsy Seller to add to my costume. I wanted the necklace to also be a keepsake to remember my first show, so I researched some fitness quotes and found "ANYONE CAN GIVE UP!" I felt like this was a perfect mantra to live by since this had been one of the hardest things I had ever attempted to do. I love wearing the necklace post-competition and thought it would be the best theme for my Fitness Blog.

The night was full of anticipation, nerves, sticky-tanned skin, costume changes, pumping up my muscles and not forgetting to smile. I couldn't be happier having found my new fun HOT HOBBY! Read more about my experience and what I call the "Best Night of my Life!" (blog post from Fitness Blog).

Best Benefit:
Seeing where I could take my body physically
and learning how to COOK more!

Best Investment:
30-minute personal training sessions
2 to 3 times a week with Al Norby.

New Guilty Pleasure:
A SHELLAC manicure at Salon Intrigue with Lisa

Hardest Hurdle:
Having allergic reactions to certain foods
even ones that are already gluten free.

Favorite Find:
BeautiControl Skin Care products.

Best Moment:
Seeing my "family of friends" during intermission
and then hearing my number called for the
Overall Figure Beginner Title.

Check out these fun ETSY items that I
ordered to use the day of my competition!
(This very first item came all the
way from a designer in Israel!)

Butterfly Workout Bra by Underneath

Medium Mini Dog Tag Necklace by wsayle
Business Cards (for my Trainer) by Deidamiah
Necklace that my girlfriend, Monica, gave me as a gift!
by sweetsimple
Figure Posing Suit by saleyla
Special Mentions to my Trainers,
Fitness Instructors and Coaches!

al norby
curt dahlen
aaron callister
lenore theobald
katie haggerty
nick bez

Thank you for taking the time to
read about my NEW HOBBY!
I hope it has inspired you to take the time to find
your special hobby or get a little more FIT!

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