Monday, November 8, 2010

Treat your grandparents this holiday season!

The holiday season is fast approaching! And that means shopping -- full parking lots, long lines, gift receipts, wrapping paper, wish lists and (oh yeah...) the perfect gifts!

As the countdown on shopping days dwindles, you might be wondering what to get your parents or grandparents. Does your grandma always seem to have a batch of cookies fresh out of the oven? What about your Papa? He's always sneaking you a hard candy from his coat pocket. A treat jar would be practical, so they can keep those goodies in one spot, ready for snacking!

If you want to let your grandparents know how extraordinary they are and how much they mean to you, a pair of slippers just won’t do it. Treat them with something unique and special.

Each treat jar is custom-painted to feature look-a-like cartoon portraits of your family. Grandma will have a brand new way to show off her family!

Why not fill the jar with some of their favorite goodies and watch the excitement when they open their thoughtful gift from you!

I found these wonderful goodies from some other Etsy shops!

Southern red velvet cake sandwich cookies

So, skip the crowded malls and stores, treat your special grandparent to this treat jar by ordering now and having it delivered to your home just in time for the holidays!

~ The FizzyArtist

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