Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Make your next {celebration} a MUSTACHE SMASH! + Coupon Code

MUSTACHES and LIPS have been popping up everywhere all year! Who knew that facial hair could be so popular? I wonder who kicked off this fascinating trend and how it got to be so huge on Etsy. I've seen this trend on t-shirts, key-chains, jewelry, pillows, mugs and more. People seem to love these items for gifts, parties and wedding receptions.

Photobooth Party on a Stick
by LittleRetreats
Lots of couples love the idea of adding in some humor and fun to their beautiful wedding photos. Having a set of mustache and lip props handy at the reception allows for dress-up time for grown-ups! Some couples like to have them out by a photo booth for their guests to play with. A funny mustache has a way of making a formal photo look magical.

For my holiday season this year, I decided to make a simple glassware design that I could whip up in a shorter amount of time and have at a lower price point than my custom designs.

I decided the mustache trend would be a great place to start. I made a Mr. Mustache design for the men and a Mrs. Lips design for the ladies. Within a week or two of having the designs in my shop I had buyers select the listing and customize their glassware types. Some wanted all mustaches on beer mugs and some couples chose to have a mustache and lips set on red wine glasses. I can't wait to see if this design is popular throughout the next year. Here's a look into my studio while I worked on my holiday orders.

I start each glass with a bold black outline so it
will also look good from the back!
Busy painting Holiday Orders in my studio apartment.
Next, I paint on the color to fill in the lips or the mustache.
For the last step, I paint the black outline again on the top,
to polish off the look. I bake each glass for durability
and then ship them to you! Get ready to PARTY!
 Check out these other great mustache and lips prop kits for your next celebration!

The Double Date - Party Props
by whiskerworks
Men's Mustache and Women's Lips Handkerchief Set
I have also featured more items in my latest treasury!

 For a limited time I am offering a 10% discount on my entire shop for those who read this blog :)

Use this coupon code at your etsy checkout:
(coupon discontinued)

Happy New Year,
The FizzyArtist

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