Sunday, January 16, 2011

Unleash Your Inner {BOMBSHELL} // Fizzy Fashion (Vol. 2)

Seduce your man with a sizzlin' new look this year! Or maybe you'd like to snatch the man of your dreams (I know I would)! No matter what shape you're, if you are a woman, you have curves to work with. Some of us have more curves than others, but there are always tricks on how to give the illusion that you do. And by now, most of us know that men enjoy our curves. So why not give them what they want!?

Floral Ruffle Top, by Express. Grey Dolman Cardigan, by Forever 21
I put together an outfit that has some of the best ingredients for a bombshell brew that will wow any guy! 

First things first, ladies... 

1. Please wear cute underwear! No need for bells and whistles, but a feminine color with lace or flowers is a must. No granny panties allowed! It's OK to keep the bra simple, but use one that does the job (lift and hold).   

2. I like to build an outfit around the shoes that I want to wear. I think hot shoes are one of the most important elements in looking irresistibly sexy. With the right high heels you can wear a comfortable outfit and still look good. This is one of my favorite tricks! To be really on point - have your nails freshly painted.

My latest shoe find at my favorite store: Forever 21
(sexy heels for only $22.80)
3. A cigarette pant or skinny jean is the best way to look long and lean. I am only 5'1" so when the skinny jean came on to the fashion scene I was in love. I never knew that showing the curves of just your legs could make you look so much smaller -- I don't know if I will ever go back to a bootcut-style jean. My favorite denim right now is Levi's skinny jean in the curve fit. These have stretch and have an amazing mid-rise!

Denim Skinny Jeans: Levi's Curve Fit
4. When it comes to what to wear on top, I try to go sexy without being over the top. If you do wear jeans, a low-cut top will work because you aren't showing off any leg. To avoid the obnoxious stares by men of all ages, I try to do only a glimpse of cleavage. That way I don't feel like there's a spotlight on my chest all night. If you have a man that enjoys it when you show them off, just tell him they're all his to look at after dinner. I like to wear a flowy top that hits me right at the hip, but cinches in at the wasit or under the bust. Or a flirty, floral ruffle top like below (from Express) with a belt to accent the waist!

(click on image for larger view.)
5. Lastly, polish off your look with full and bouncy hair, simple and sexy makeup, and fun accessories. Without these, your outfit will fall flat and your "bombshell look" will be a bust!

BOMBSHELL inspirations from these
GLAMOUR covergirls!
Check out these Etsy items I found that could re-create these looks.
Add a harness look to accentuate your
curves. A belt can also work!
Road Warrior Harness
by iheartnorwegianwood
Add interest with pattern:
animal print, floral, or paisley
Gold and Olive Green Paisley Boho Top
by TammyJO
Tease him with structured or flowy
LAYERS: jackets, blazer, cardigans
Saks Fifth Avenue Rust Velvet Blazer
by gypsysun
THANKS for reading my 2nd "fashion" post!


tammy jo said...

move over lopez! ... love it ...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these fashion posts! Keep them coming please!!


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