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What a {SWEET} year! // Announcing My Top Buyer for 2010: Lauren Hamblin

I opened my Etsy shop to sell my handpainted glassware in February 2009. I started to make sales here and there later that summer. So this last year has been my first solid year of being a full-time business owner of the FizzyArtist Custom Glassware. Lots of changes have come about since I opened nearly two years ago, but there has been pivotal growth since last January. 2010 has been such a sweet year in so many ways! As I get excited to start fresh with 2011, I thought I should stop and reflect on all of the "fizzy" moments over the last 12 months.

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by mod86designery
As the year began, I took ownership of the new title entrepreneur very seriously and became involved in a business owner small group that gave me accountability and resources to set me up for new successes. I quickly realized that my business was about to go to the adolescence stage. Even though the growth became overwhelming, I did my best to take things day by day. I love dreaming about where my FizzyArtist Glassware will take me and what my brand will look like someday!

I started the year with a surprising not-so-slow January. Spring wedding orders slowly started to pour in. One of my goals for 2010 was to get an ad in a magazine and by mid-January, I was contacted by Wedding Style from California to see if I was interested in being featured!

April was my first slammin' month of sales,
they creeped right under 10k.

I took time of over the Easter Holiday to visit my sister,
brother-in-law, and to meet my new niece in NYC.

By June my schedule was booked solid for the next eight weeks with orders. My schedule continued that way until late October.
In late June, I took my first international vacation
to Australia. I visited with two girlfriends from
high school who lived there at the time.
After my trip to Australia things became a bit blurry! I already had July and August completely booked when I got home and the orders kept coming in. It was a never-ending snowball effect. Every week I would paint and ship out approximately 60-80 glasses and in the same breath that many were purchased for upcoming orders in the fall. Some days I would paint large orders of 20 glasses and would work on them all day and into the evening. Sometimes I couldn't get them done with enough time to ship so I would have to Express Mail the order to arrive when they were requested.

By fall, I was exhausted and energized by the non-stop pace at the same time. Not only was I painting at least 80 glasses a week, I also was managing the business the best that I could. Thankfully, I had assistants that I could rely on for help. Over the year I have had several friends work for me a couple of hours each week. They have helped me with packaging, post office runs, shopping for glassware, organizing, blogging and painting. I also had to hire a financial advisor, bookkeeper and accountant. Without all of the help that I have had, I know I wouldn't have been able to make it. 

At least by the end of the year, things began to slow down a bit. My holiday season was not as crazy as last year and I am very thankful for the break. Now I am refreshed and ready to go. Bring on the weddings! The FizzyArtist is ready for another sweet year!

Announcing My Top Buyer for 2010:
Lauren Hamblin

Lauren has been a repeat buyer for as long as I can remember! I would see her name on an Etsy order with a note saying, "I'm back and I love your stuff!" Being young (like myself) many of Lauren's friends have been getting married. Some of them have had weddings that are out of town. So Lauren has purchased a couple of my "Bride and Groom" sets and had them shipped straight to the couple in another state. As my business has taken off, she has watched how busy I've become compared to the early days when she made her first purchase.

"Hi!  Thanks again! I always love ordering from you -
and I'm so glad your business is doing so well! :)"
 - Lauren

As the year came to an end, I saw a holiday order come in from Lauren for some of her family. She had purchased my "About Me" designs and I somehow got the greatest idea. I decided to make Lauren her very own glass, but wanted it to be a surprise. So I sent her an email saying that I would like to feature her on my blog as my top buyer and would like to use a picture of her. What she didn't know was that I would also use that photo to make her an "About Me" glass! I was so excited to wrap it up with the rest of her order the week before Christmas. Of course, the day the package had arrived I had a lovely "thank you" email from her and this adorable picture of her and the glass. The perfect touch, my plan had worked!

Thank you Lauren for your business and support!

I hope everyone has an even sweeter 2011!
- The FizzyArtist

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